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Salivary Hepcidin ELISA RUO

  • Bio-Type Saliva
  • Method ELISA
  • CE Y
  • # of Tests 96 Wells
  • Range 68.4 – 8,000 pg/mL
  • Sample Volume 100 uL
  • Incubation Time(s) 60 / 30 / 15 min
  • Storage Conditions 2° C - 8° C
  • SKU:  SLV6082R
  • Category: Anemia
  • $964.00
Approximate Lead Time 1 - 2 Weeks
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The DRG Salivary Hepcidin ELISA is an enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative measurement of hepcidin in saliva. Hepcidin is an iron homeostasis regulator peptide. The bioactive peptide hepcidin-25 is generated predoiminantly in the liver by proteolytic cleavage of the C-terminal 25 amino acids of prohepcidin (1).